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EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is an independent non-profit public interest research center. They work on privacy issues, open government, free speech, and other important topics related to civil liberties.

If you’re not already a supporter, you might consider becoming one.

Anyway, today’s blog post is about their list of privacy tools. It’s certainly not a complete list, and they’re not doing anyone any favor listing Skype under “Voice Privacy” and “Secure Instant Messaging” (since Skype is Eviltm), but the list is a great compilation of good tools.

Check it out here:


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Why Google is Evil™

Do you like the Google search engine? Yeah? I do too. In fact, I LOVE Google, and basically don’t use any other search engine. Why would I? Google gives great search hits, it’s fast and has that lean, efficient interface that doesn’t get in the way of my searching for information.

But do I trust Google Inc. to do no evil, to know everything about me; every aspect of my life – and not misuse that information, today and in the forseeable future?

Maybe I’m being Ultraparanoid™, but I’d have to say ”NO!”.

”But Google doesn’t know everything about me”, you say. Well, let’s take a look at what Google DO know (or may know), shall we?

If you use GMail, Google reads all your mail. If you use Google Desktop, Google reads every document on your computer. Just those two are enough to give me the creeps. But it gets even worse – a lot worse!

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