About this blog

This is a blog about privacy, personal integrity and civil liberties – in particular on topics related to computer security.

There are many reasons why you would want to improve your privacy. Perhaps you’re a concerned PC user who doesn’t want organized crime to hijack your account information. Perhaps you are a cheating husband who doesn’t want your wife to find out about your mistress. Maybe you’re a dissident voice in China or a journalist in Russia. Maybe you’re a child pornographer or an undercover cop. The reasons are many and your adversaries are diverse.

Personally, I believe in the individual’s rights to not be spied on by governments, corporations or organizations. I will therefore usually originate in the following worst-case scenario; you are a terrorist, sought after by various intelligence agencies, including National Security Agency. If you can avoid having your e-privacy violated by a vigilant NSA, you can avoid everyone. While I’m certainly not a terrorist (although the definition have become somewhat blurred lately), I still do not want the government – any government – to know more about me, my conversations, my relationships, my opinions, my thoughts or my dreams than I willingly convey.

The edge between computer security and other topics are sometimes a dull one, and while I will from time digress in political rants, I will try to keep this blog as focused and hands-on as possible. This is, after all, an attempt at informing you of pitfalls and lifelines in your digital life. Most, if not all, the tips I present will be based on software, technologies and methods I use or have used myself.

On these terms, I blog.


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