Why Google is Evil™

Do you like the Google search engine? Yeah? I do too. In fact, I LOVE Google, and basically don’t use any other search engine. Why would I? Google gives great search hits, it’s fast and has that lean, efficient interface that doesn’t get in the way of my searching for information.

But do I trust Google Inc. to do no evil, to know everything about me; every aspect of my life – and not misuse that information, today and in the forseeable future?

Maybe I’m being Ultraparanoid™, but I’d have to say ”NO!”.

”But Google doesn’t know everything about me”, you say. Well, let’s take a look at what Google DO know (or may know), shall we?

If you use GMail, Google reads all your mail. If you use Google Desktop, Google reads every document on your computer. Just those two are enough to give me the creeps. But it gets even worse – a lot worse!

If you use Blogger, Google knows what you’re passionate about. If you’re logged in to GMail or Blogger while searching for something on Google search engine, Google knows what topics you wanna know more about; that is: connecting a search result to a specific person. Google knows what things you’re buying. With the recent purchase of Doubleclick, Google can follow you around as you surf, knowing everything you read about on the Internet.

So, do you trust Google Inc. to not misuse all this information you’re giving them? I sure as hell don’t. In fact, I don’t think you’d have to be Ultraparanoid to see trouble here.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one concerned1) 2) with Googles rising electronic omnipotence…

Also, as I’ve previously stated: Ebay/Skype is evil, and Google recently made a deal with eBay to integrate services wich send shivers down my spine. Just imagine combining the staggering electronic surveilance of Google with the communications nightmare that is Skype, bundeled with NSA snooping and you have a Big Brother Bonanza.

Then again, what is evil?

So what can you do to avoid this hell?

Well, I for one do not use GMail. I never will. I will never let a search engine/advertising gigant read my mail. Never. Did I say never? I meant NEVER EVER. Even more so, I will never let any company read all the documents on my computer. I don’t even trust the company I work for read all my documents, why would I give that trust to an international conglomerate? I use Blogger, but I log onto Blogger with another browser than I use for day-to-day browsing and research. I now use WordPress. This still stands, though: using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari for different taskt can do wonders for your privacy.

And I don’t use Skype.



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12 responses to “Why Google is Evil™

  1. That’s an excellent post, except for one thing: it doesn’t answer why Google is evil.

    You are right in saying they could do a lot of damage, but that doesn’t make them evil … saying they do, is like calling every woman – a “prostitute”, because they’re equipped for it, or every man holding a knife a “murderer” for the same reason.

    That said, I think you are right in being wary.

    Bu the way, I’m a blogspot user, gmail user and some more …

  2. ultraparanoid

    I agree that nothing in my post conclusively points out that Google is doing evil things, only that the potential for doing harm to your privacy is huge. I don’t want anyone to stop using Google’s services or drag Google into court for crimes committed. You can choose to use Google’s services if you feel that the benefits outweigh the risks. If your privacy isn’t that important to you, you’ll be fine. But if you are adamant about your privacy, at least now you’ll have the knowledge to make an informed choice.

  3. Malcolm

    utnapistim is right. You just said “Google is evil! They have the capability to be evil. Therefore they are evil!”

  4. Omar

    guys, the name of the blog is “ultraparanoid” – it’s enough that google has too much power

  5. The point of the “Do no evil” motto is much misunderstood. As you’ve pointed out, Google has access to huge swathes of your personal data. It needs it to do its business: targetted advertising.

    Just because Google is in a position to abuse this data is not proof that google _does_ do so. Can you provide proof?

    Counter-proof is the lawsuits google gets involved in. It is vociferous in not handing that data over to **AA, law enforcement, etc. unless forced to.

    This is because it depends on peoples trust in handing over their personal data. People can run other mail servers, blogs, search engines. If people got scared of google, they’d run in droves.

    Hence the public stance to do no evil.

    Are you right to be paranoid? probably. Its too much concentrated power, too much chance to be subverted. At least ensure that there are alternatives to google. But they’re not evil just because they could be.

  6. Almarco

    Google has carefully cultivated a corporate image of “not being evil” … so that people WON’T object when they start slurping up every last detail of their lives. But just think about this: they are quite willing to give up this information if the government (or any government, really, in the world) asks for it.

  7. Dude, Google is evil (IMHO)
    I am the founder of the Buenos Aires (Argentina) office in the IT area (i was the local IT manager for almost 2 years) and also 2 Google Datacenters at Argentina.
    If you wanna know the story, just drop me a line.

    For you all, guys….


    the funny thing is… Google doesn’t have an open evil policy, but the fact of doing some shit they do and saying ‘dont be evil’ at the same time, added up to the jerk offs in the management… dude… there are quite a couple of stories around there… but.. .believe me… it’s the most evil machine ever created in the world of Biz…

    c ya

  8. Google is a two faced evil company that:

    1. Encourages website owners to spam the web with junk pages and junk adverts.
    2. It steals bandwidth by caching your pages and hotlinking to your images
    3. Fixed adsense earnings so that you dont earn your full amount even if you got clicks and impressions.
    4. Helps countries like china to censor the internet

    Google checkout is trash and they will never defeat paypal. The google honeymoon is over. Make no mistake. If you know anything about PR, your motto is always the opposite of what your true colours are: e.g

    Fox News – “Fair and Balanced” – biased and fraudulent

    Nike – “Just do it” – screw the little children making our shoes, lets just do it and make a tidy profit at their expense.

    Google – “don’t be evil” – evil and corrupt advert scammers hiding under the guise of an intelligent and efficient company.

    Don’t get taken in by the hype and bullshit people, Google is a bu$ine$$ just like every other.

  9. n30h4x

    I agree with ultraparanoid and Almarco has it too. If you search for anything, they keep tabs of it, and when you do something stupid, and someone requests for that information, they will be happy to hand it over to them. To me this violates the bill of rights, as I should have the freedom to look at anything I want with out the fear of someone stalking me. Google is the internet Big Brother, and people need to stop being sheep and open their eyes, and see that their rights are being taken away from them right in front of their noses and they don’t even know it. I laugh at the people who are willing to give up the Liberty for Freedom…pish.

  10. John Doe

    “Just because Google is in a position to abuse this data is not proof that google _does_ do so. Can you provide proof?”

    No, you can’t. But for me, the scale of Google’s control makes me too nervous to use their apps. The only Google service I use is the search engine. No gmail, no desktop, no calendar, no Chrome, no Google Apps.

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